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Davila Auto Service Inc. opened its doors to the public in 1989 and since day one we’ve striven to give our clients the best customer experience in the market.

Since then we have received numerous awards for our top quality service. We are a AAA and ASE authorized work shop. In Davila Auto Service we are committed 100% to quality.

All of our technicians attend factory training schools and seminars to ensure that they always know what they are doing using only the latest technology currently available.

What we service

In order to meet the most demanding needs we offer a wide variety of services that range from electrical to mechanical, such as:

We repair all brake system problems including brakes and bearings.

  • Master  Cylinder  Calipers

  • Wheel  Cylinders

  • Brake  Hoses

  • Brake  Lines

  • Brake Pads

  • Brake Rotors

  • Certain vehicles have rear brake drums and brake shoes and wheel cylinder.

    Alternators, Regulators and Batteries

    We repair and replace alternators, regulators and batteries. We service all charging system components.

    We flush cooling systems we also replace water pumps, radiators, thermostats, hoses, gaskets and belts.

    The components that we service are:

    • Radiator
    • Radiator hoses
    • Water pump
    • Gaskets and belts
    • Coolant Fan
    • Antifreeze
    • Thermostat

    We also flush cooling systems

    We offer the highest level of service when it comes to servicing all aspects of your car’s heating system.

    Power Steering Pumps

    Rack and Pinion

    Engine Diagnostics and Performance
    Since the sweeping revisions to federally-required automotive designs in 1996, each vehicle manufactured has been installed with on-board diagnostics systems that gauge and monitor the performance of engines. Every little performance level discrepancy is relayed through the automobile’s on-board computer system. As is bound to happen, as soon as check engine, or service engine, light pops up, the important next step is to locate a diagnostic service for a maintenance tune-up.
    Systems such as the engine diagnostic check lets our trained mechanics discover detailed information concerning the health and operating conditions of the vehicle’s engine. This information will let us know what is happening under the hood, and help us suggest required engine repairs. In cases like this, most codes are alerted as result to powertrain problems.
    Whether your check engine light is on or not, scheduled tune-ups are an important factor in keeping your engine running smoothly – it is also the most effective way to head-off un-foreseen engine trouble. While your vehicle is undergoing a tune-up, other pieces of work may be accomplished, such as the replacement of spark plugs, verification of sound electrical wires, the life and health of your air filter and fuel filter. While under the hood, you may also have a service check of the distributor cap functionality as well as the rotors in your vehicle.
    Engine Diagnostics and Performance Benefits

    There are other signs that you as the driver can be aware of to keep your engine running its best and at peak performance other than regular maintenance checks. If these crop up, you may need to bring your vehicle in for repair. As mentioned before, the flashing of the check engine, or service engine, light is a definite sign that the engine is in need of an experts review. Bring your vehicle in as soon as these lights show up.
    Through the majority of issues, the on-board diagnostics system will catch an issue in the engine and record the repair code, and that will be reviewed by a trained and certified technician from our shop. Some additional signs that might indicate a need for service include stalling, slow-cranking of the ignition, knocking, rough idling, or pinging while the gas is applied. Bring your vehicle in at once to have these issues checked to determine exactly what is happening with your engine. Small problems are easy to fix, but letting a problem go for long can cause more damage.
    Should you notice a decrease in gas mileage, and perhaps a loss of power when you step on the gas are more indicators of a soon-to-be bigger problem with your engine. Pay attention to your warning lights and the signs your vehicle is sharing- it could save you from developing more serious issues down the road.

    We offer the highest level of service when it comes to servicing all aspects of your car’s suspension system.
    We offer the highest level of service when it comes to servicing all aspects of your car’s transmission.
    We offer the highest level of service when it comes to servicing all aspects of your car’s drive train.
    We offer the highest level of service when it comes to rotor replacements.

    Oil Changes

    At Davila Auto Service you can rest assure knowing that we are using name brand oil and oil filters in your oil change. We also offer the option to use synthetic oil.

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    Emission Test Approved

    Having trouble passing the Emissions Test? We repair vehicles that fail the Illinois Emission Test. Repair your car with us and we guarantee that your car will pass. We will even take it in for you. You won’t have to go take the test again.

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    We repair all makes and models including:

    Mini Cooper

    Specials for the month of April.




    What our customers are saying.

    “These guys came recommended to me by AAA. From start to finish the entire process was one of the most pleasant one’s I’ve ever had…”

    I ditched my dealership services for this place.   All staff are wonderful and helpful.
    These guys came recommended to me by AAA.   From start to finish the entire process was one of the most pleasant one's I've ever had and I have never said that about taking my car into any auto repair. 1. They have a tow service available (cheaper than if you have to pay for AAA) 2. Someone called me right a way with an estimate that I thought was only for parts but turns out for parts and labor. 3. I asked him to check on something else for me and he did a free estimate.  He was completely understandable when I told him I would have  to come back for that. 4. AAA  members get a 5% discount. 5. The customer service was unbelievable from start to finish and that goes a long way in my book. Yea. Im never going to take my car anywere else.
    These guys are great and super honest. I don't have a garage so somethings have to be done there. My wife took her car there for a brake pad replacement and they only replaced what needed replacing. Told her it needed nothing more than brake pads and that was it. Another time, my brakes failed and I had to go there ASAP. I was strapped for cash and Gabino was super honest. He got my car on a lift and showed me that all it needed was a brake line that had ruptured. He fixed it and the owner accepted a check. 45 minutes is all it took. I sent my buddy there and they were totally honest and let him know that his truck needed no repair as it was just a common noise from his truck. NO charge for the assessment. When you go there ask for Gabino. This dude is rad and so is his boss.
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    Got a fleet of vehicles?

    We are your best option for Fleet Maintenance!

    Davila Auto Service Inc. is an independent, full service repair and maintenance shop that
    can meet all of your fleet maintenance needs.


    We are committed to always provide a High Quality Service that builds long lasting business relationships.


    We will work with you to control your Fleet Maintenance Cost.

    o3You can be confident that your fleet is in Safe Operating Condition so you may service your clients in a proper and timely manner.

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